Edw. Lee Hammack, Architect

I was born, raised, and educated in the midwest. I earned the degree of Master of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis in 1979, and promptly moved to my favorite place in the world, San Francisco. (As the saying goes, I'm not a native but I got here as soon as I could.) I earned the title of Architect, licensed to practice in California, in 1983.

I got my first job at the firm of Marguis Associates just weeks after I arrived in the City. From there I went to the office of Don MacDonald, and over the years worked at a variety of other offices. Eventually I landed a job at the firm Treffinger Walz & MacLeod (now TWM Architects) in San Rafael, where I cut my professional teeth in a serious way, starting as a job captain responsible for production of complete project documents for several office buildings, rising to the level of Associate with the firm.

In 1990 there wasnt a lot going on around TWM, and my neighbors asked if I knew of anyone who'd be willing to design an addition to their home. With that, the going concern now known as Edw. Lee Hammack, Architect was born.

Since then I've worked on projects ranging in value from $20,000 to over $2,000,000, in San Francisco, Sausalito, Marin & San Mateo Counties, and all over the Bay Area. I've helped commercial clients, including Chez Panisse Restaurant, with access compliance. I designed and managed complete ADA compliance at the Dolphin Swimming & Boating Club at San Francisco's Aquatic Park. References are available; I can also arrange tours of completed projects.


Office phone: 415-282-4428        Cell: 415-939-0335        email: lee@leehammack.com
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