We worked with Lee Hammack for several years to plan and carry out a  major home renovation which
resulted in our dream home come true!
His designs were thorough, detailed and innovative.  Most  importantly, he really listened to our ideas    and was able to design  our home addition to reflect what we had in mind. Our vision was to add a second level but to keep the integrity of the  original design our 1940s home. Lee was able to design a plan to reflect whatwe wanted and more,  including a stunning staircase to seamlessly connect the old with the  new. We often get comments that you would never know we added the upper  level... it looks and feels as though it has always been there.

Lee pays attention not only to aesthetics but to the practicality of  the design and how it will work in day  to day life. Lee has extraordinary talent to take your vision and thoughtfully  create a design to reflect what
you want. We have recommended him to several friends and they too have been  just as happy.  You will not find a more talented, hardworking,  prompt, patient, professional architect in the Bay area!

Tamra and Robert Marshall
San Francisco

The Restoration of 12 Bonita Street, Sausalito, CA

Our house is around a hundred and twenty years old.  When we purchased it, it had been added onto and hacked up over the several generations of its life.  We returned it to a single-family house from its five-apartment incarnation.  Currently there is not a single interior wall from the original house.  We basically gutted the entire thing and started with the exterior shell and foundation.  Because of the restrictive building codes in Sausalito we maintained the same footprint and grade.

We looked for an architect to work with and found that most of them were interested in pursuing their vision and were not necessarily interested in what we wanted.  Then we found Lee Hammack.  One of the things I appreciated most about Lee was that he listened to our ideas, no matter how crazy they were, and implemented them in the design of the house.  He has considerable knowledge of construction methods and could tell us if we were really out of control or if what we wanted to do would fall within the confines of our budget.  Lee brought a lot of creative energy into the design and now having lived in the restored house for ten years I can honestly say I would not change a thing he did.

I can’t say enough about Lee he made the entire process a pleasure.

Best, Peter Strietmann

I have known Lee for 25 years as a friend as well as a business associate. I have used Lee's
architectural services on a variety of jobs for my real estate clients whom all have been very satisfied with
his knowledge and expertise and timely work. Most importantly my wife and I asked Lee to do our
dream home up in the Alexander Valley. We spent a considerable amount of time designing our home for
life. Lee's helpful and considerate input was everything we could ask for as we are very hands on as to the direction we wanted to take in our final destination. His expertise and meticulous drawings were submitted to Sonoma County
for review. The plan checker returned the plans without a single red line which means our plans were completely accurate without any changes required. We have spent the last year in construction and our builder has repeatedly said it is a pleasure to have an architect that is so detail oriented. We had very few changes during construction and now that our job is 90% completed I can only say that I would recommend Lee with the highest regard.

Charlie Martin
415 265-4339


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